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Sauna Belt - does it work?

There is nothing quite like being able to exercise while receiving the benefits of a sauna at the same time. Well, a sauna exercise suit is not exactly what you think it is, but it still contains many benefits for you.

There are many different versions of a sauna belt like sauna slimming belt and infrared sauna belt. The basic version is a belt that you can wear that actually provides the same idea as a sauna. This kind of sauna belts is something that you put on that makes the sweat you bring out of your body water while you are exercising stay with the belt. The point of this is that you will be in a moist environment which is good for you, and that the water from the sweat will not evaporate, which will make you dehydrated. Instead it will stay on your skin.

Another version of a sauna belt is one that you wear that is a tad less icky for those of you that don't like to sweat very much. This kind of sauna belts actually has a heating mechanism in it. You put in liquids that act as essential oils, and the belt itself heats up so that these will become like a steam in the areas between the sauna slimming belt and your body. In this way, it is almost as if you are carrying around a sauna that only has enough room for you to fit into.

It doesn't matter what version of a sauna belt that you have, or what brand of sauna belt you have, like Velform sauna belt and ab sauna belt - what matters is that you are going to be benefiting from the sauna belts in the same way that you would from a regular sauna experience. This is something that is actually very worthwhile for you because it allows you to get the sweat out of your pores, and also to be exposed to good hydration and essential oils that are very helpful to you.

No matter what kind of sauna belt you have, you are going to find that the benefits far outweigh the problems you might have actually wearing the suit, or finding time to do the treatments that you have to do while wearing the sauna belt. You should always check with a doctor if you are going to attempt one of these belts, to make sure that you are in good enough health for it to be worthwhile to you.

Any how, there are some of the reviews on sauna belt as below. Although some people has treat sauna belt as a sauna slimming belt (as what we've seen from sauna belts merchant like velform sauna belt) but it does confused people whether this belt really work out for weight loss and health. Some advanced version of sauna belt like infrared sauna belt claims to be provide protection for skin from ultraviolet lights, but how far those fact are really work out? Some sauna belt merchants also emphasis that sauna belts help to release fat and water from body, but is it safe to lose water and fat with this way? and is that any sight effect for using it in long term, lets take a look on the sauna belt reviews as below:

The Claims

The sauna belt, as marketed in the United States, Canada, and other countries, claims to use heat to melt away fat in sessions of about 50 minutes long. The website for the belt makes claims to be great for targeting specific areas of the body in order to allow people to reduce fat and cellulite to accommodate those with a particular area they wish to tone. Presumably, the marketing strategy chosen works off the perception that people consider heat to be the source of getting rid of body fat through a misinterpretation of the phrase "burning the fat."

The Reality

The truth is, a sauna belt isn't the key to weight loss or muscle gain, and though the claims of results for the sauna belts sound great, the truth is that lower weight and higher muscle tone can only be achieved through eating right and exercising. The only thing truly capable of burning fat in your body is exercise, since burning fat is the process your body goes through to convert fat to energy when you put your body under a strain, such as running or lifting weights. The sauna belt itself is more of a strap-on heating pad, and the only accurate effects that it can lay claim to is the use of heat to ease muscle pain and tension.

The Consequences

The sauna belt has been subject to claims against its infomercial advertising in the United Kingdom, which disputed the claims of the belt to be able to burn fat and increase muscle tone. As a result of the investigation by the United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority, it was determined that the claims of the sauna belt to be able to promote weight loss were false and the company producing the infomercials in the United Kingdom were ordered to cease their false claims. Based on this, as a consumer your best bet for losing weight is to eat right and exercise, and if you want something to provide heat for your body, consider a sauna belt, or save money and purchase a simple drug store heating pad instead.

No matter you like or don't like sauna belt, this weight loss tools has been recommended for years in the market. As what we know weight loss tool always playing an assisting role in your weight loss plan or programs, it will not be the main tool or way to help you losing weight. Please don't stop yourself for buying one sauna belt for yourself today after you have rad this article as sauna belt still considered an ideal weight loss tools that good for weight loss. Some great gift ideas also recommended sauna belt as the birthday or valentine's gift. However get a more established brand of sauna belt will avoid yourself from those hassle. Plus if you get one sauna belts with the extra health functions like infrared sauna belt, it is much more worth it that you can earn health beside losing your waist inches.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Benefits of Sauna Belts

The sauna belt has been purchased by thousands of people for many of the wrong reasons and for reasons that the sauna belt retailers say that it possesses. The benefits of sauna belt that have been portrayed by many infomercials is that the sauna belts will helps in weight loss when worn around the stomach, thighs and buttocks. They have said that this was a form of weight loss heat therapy and also that it would build muscle mass due to the fact that it helped muscles to contract when worn.

The truth and reality of the benefits of this sauna slimming belt is that it can be used as a large heating pad that helps to ease muscle pain and tension. When the retailers tell you that the benefits of sauna belt are weight loss and muscle mass gain, these claims are really good to hear and people will do anything or buy anything these days in order to lose weight and get in to shape but the general public are looking for quick fixes and that is just not a reality.

To be realistic, weight loss or muscle gain can only be acquired by eating right and exercise. But some other treatment also cool like having a bio detox foot spa at home. There is no quick fix to get healthy. Sauna belts can sure and help the person, who is trying to get healthy through eating and exercise, with their sore muscles that they are going to have from their exercise. The sauna belt works great for muscle strain.

There are a lot of people that have given great reviews on the benefits of sauna slimming belt but in the United Kingdom, there was a false claim put against the retailers of the infomercials and the claim was proven that the benefits of this sauna slimming belt on these infomercials were not true so the infomercials were ceased as a result of this claim.

This is not to say that nobody should buy a sauna belt because there are benefits of sauna belt just not the main ones that are marketed. The good feeling of the sauna belt on a very sore and tired back is a wonderful feeling. But the weight loss and muscle mass gain benefits of sauna belt that retailers claim, should be taken very lightly and the purchase of the sauna belts should be from consumers that understand exactly what it does.

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Inteligent Sauna Slimming Belt

The general features for this intelligent waist sauna slimming belt with DC 12v power supply is controlled by microcomputer.

The sauna belts integrates the wise control, vibrating massage, heating and magnetic treatment together.With powerful vibrating massage ball inside, it can vibrate and massage on waist, neck, leg and arms, so it can speed up the recycle of blood, relax the fatigue, burn the fitness and enhance the metabolism.

There are several magnets inside this sauna belts belt, so the powerful magnetic field that is produced by the magnets can adjust the balance of the body, so, your body will become stronger and slimmer.

Portable Slimming Weapon - Sauna Belts

What weight loss tools that you prefer? You prefer a heavy bulky body rider or a light handy convenient weight loss machine?

Unlike ab Sauna Belt and Velform Sauna Belt, in general a slimming belt does not produce any heat. Sauna belt boosts the benefits of your regular workout and activating your blood circulation. The slimming retains moist warmth of your body, so you shed excess water weight around your middle as you exercise. Besides, the sauna slimming belt also fits snugly to trim appearance instantly. It supports your lower back by grip stripping closure adjusts to any waist size.

Sauna Belt such as Velform Sauna Belt and ab sauna belts helps you sweat and relieve back pain. Sauna Belt offers many of the benefits of the far infrared sauna (infrared sauna belt), it has one big advantage, you can focus the far infrared sauna heat on those body parts that need it most.

Sauna belts are made for men and women, simply wrap the sauna belt around your body and with the press of a button you're sweating!

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Sauna Belt

Product Description for Sauna Belts:

1. Supply: AC220V/ 50-60Hz

2. Temperature range:34℃-75℃Easy to use. No special operation

3. Automatic switch off time: Approx . 50 min while siting in the comfort of your own home.

4. Clear up unwanted fattiness, relieve muscle pain

5.Easy to use. No special operation

6. Ideal for the abdomen, waist, back and hips

Just apply the sauna belts around the chosen body part.

Package Includes:
  • Sauna Belt Unit
  • Free Measuring Tape
  • Instructions Manual Packing details: 1pc/gift box, 20pcs/ctn, G.W.: 10.0kgs, N.W.: 9kgs, Meas:43.5X34X57CM, 7000pcs/20'ft;14700pcs/40'ft
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Sauna Belt - Quick Recap

Who hasn't seen an advertisement or so-called 'infomercial' (rather mis-informercial if you ask me) advertising a weight loss device or slimming belt that miraculously makes you lose weight without actually doing sports or changing your eating habits. Common sense alone dictates that such a thing is hardly possible. However, the advertisers are very cunning and they claim to achieve the aim of losing a lot of weight in little time with even less effort by using new, revolutionary technologies.

Now, I am not a tech freak and I cannot claim to understand all the workings of infrared light/ heat (Melt Belt and Sauna Belt, vibrations (Sauna Slimming Belt) or whatever 'new' technology is used to supposedly achieve weight loss. So, if I told you these devices are useless why should you believe me any more than the advertisements? It's very simple: you don't. Although I am an expert on the fields of nutrition and sports medicine you should not believe a single person making a claim.

However, the United States Government has realized that obesity is a rapidly growing problem and that deceitful advertisements for weight loss devices can event present a health risk for people relying on these devices to lose weight if they don't additionally work out and change their nutrition. The Federal Trade Commission is a government agency that monitors advertisements for bogus or deceptive claims. In its brochure "Red Flag - Bogus Weight Loss Claims" (downloadable at; an illustrated version of this article is available at the agency lists 7 ways to identify false ads and products. Using those 7 indicators you can check the ads for Melt Belt, Sauna Belt, Infrared sauna belt (by many famous sauna belts brand like Velform sauna belt) and any other miracle weight loss device such as non-prescription diet drugs, dietary supplements, skin patches, creams, wraps or any other product that is worn on the body or rubbed into the skin. Instead of taking my word for it, use the FTC's recommendations and your own common sense to check if sauna belts, Slimming Belt or the Sauna Belts can help you lose weight - and keep it off.

You are throwing your money out the window if the product you buy claims to:

1. Cause substantial weight loss by wearing it on the body or rubbing it into the skin.

You might think of the US government what you like, but honestly: why should they publish a guideline for healthier living and protecting people from product scams if their findings were not true? Especially since these guidelines only confirm what common sense tells most of us anyways. Products like sauna belts, body wraps, rings, creams or lotions cannot make you lose substantial weight. Ads claiming that products from this category can make you lose as much as a pound a week are simply put: just lies.

2. Cause weight loss of two pounds or more a week for a month or more without dieting or exercise.

Even though certain advertisements wants to make us believe differently, everybody knows that in order to lose weight you have to exercise more and/or change your diet consuming fewer calories. According to the nutrition experts of the FTC any advertisement that claims otherwise is simply false. I personally agree wholeheartedly that it is not true if a product promises to make you lose weight without changing your lifestyle.

3. Cause substantial weight loss (meaning the loss of at least 1 pound/week or a total weight loss of more than 15 pounds in any time period) no matter what or how much a consumer eats

It is impossible for you to lose weight no matter how much or what you eat. As stated before, losing weight requires consuming fewer calories. Some products may claim to curb your appetite, however that also means you will want to eat less, if they work that is. But, by eating less you might deprive your body of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. Eating the right amount of healthy food is the key, not eating less of the wrong kind of food.

4. Cause permanent weight loss even if the consumer stops using the product.

You have to permanently change your lifestyle in order to lose weight and keep it off. If you stop using the product and neither change your eating habits nor exercise, you will gain weight again. Now the only question remaining is, if you want to use that specific product (especially critical with diet pills) for the rest of your life just to keep that weight off.

5. Block the absorption of fat or calories to enable consumers to lose substantial weight.

Even legitimate and prescribed fat blockers have to be used in combination with a dietary change in order to achieve significant weight loss. Pills alone won’t make you slim.

Again: you cannot achieve significant weight loss just by washing down your burger and fries with diet pills. The calories you consume cannot be miraculously neutralized by any pill. A healthier diet will also benefit your level of cholesterol and your blood pressure.

6. Safely enable consumers to lose more than three pounds per week for more than four weeks

If you lose more than 3 pounds per week you risk getting gallstones and are endangering your health in many other ways, too. If the product claims that no dieting is required it is false for that reason also - as was shown before.

7. Cause substantial weight loss for all users.

Every body is different, has a different metabolism, needs and abilities. It is simply not true that the same product will result in a significant weight loss for anyone using it.

Every type of medication or medical device targets a specific group of people. Within the large group of obese people there are many subcategories as people are overweight for different reasons. Hence, the same pill, lotion or device cannot guarantee to lead to a reduction in weight of any user.

The following statements are from respective ads for Sauna Belt, Melt Belt and Slimming Belt. Just read them and check if any of the FTC indicators match the ads for these products. Make up your own mind.

Sauna Belt: The Sauna Pro Deluxe advance heat systems sweats away unwanted fat, eliminate cellulite, lose weight and ease muscle pain, all while in the comfort of your own home. Just apply the Sauna Belt around the chosen body part and let the belt do all the work.

Melt Belt: Lose Inches And Pounds Without Diet Or Exercise. The secret is that you use your body's own heat as you gently massage away unwanted bulges with this amazing ultra-thin rubber belt.

Sauna Slimming Belt: The swaying vibration with large arc will make the human body carry out sympathetic vibration and accelerate the blood circulation of the body, speed up the metabolism and achieve double effects of fat dissolving and body slimming.

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Sauna Belt – How to use it for desired effect?

What is sauna belt?
Sauna belt is a vibrating heating pad used by many professionals for weight loss training as well as tools for medical treatment. The belt can place around the chosen body part like waist, thigh, abdomen, hips and arms for the purpose of losing excessive fat and water from body. There are many types of sauna belt offered in the market, but mainly two most popular forms would be infrared sauna belt and sauna slimming belt. However there are also famous brand for sauna belt like Velform sauna belt and ab sauna belt.

Application of sauna belt

Sauna belt easy to use provided you adhering the instruction and guide given fully. However, sauna belts temperature is controlled between 34-75 degrees Celsius. Please make sure you set the maximum temperature for the first few minutes, and then set it to your desired temperature. Normally, people tend to set 40 degree Celsius which a little higher than room temperature. Make sure the temperature regular is switched off.

As I mentioned earlier, sauna belt should completely surround selected body part without getting creased, doubles over or folded. The specific part referring to waist area, thigh, buttocks, back abdomens and arms. Avoid for strapping the belt on too tight for acquiring the sauna effect.

For the ease of the users, please follow the below few “easy-to-follow” step by step guide for using sauna belt.

1. You must plug the sauna belts into the main power outlet. Avoid plugging the belts by using wire extension. If you need to use the power plug extension, then please assure the plug is away from water source.

2. Turn the remote dial to the maximum temperature position as for the devices heats up quickly. When this sauna slimming belt turns into heat after few minutes, then you should adjust the heat remote controller to your desired temperatures.

3. Place sauna belt on your body now, normally people tend to use it on waist first. When you feel the part that you place the belt hot, means calories is starts burning over there. Normally, idea time spent for each part would be about 8-10 minutes. You are not encouraged to wear sauna belts too long at the same place. It is because of it caused skin problems if sauna belt staying too long at one area.

4. At the end of the session, towel off the sweat and wait 15 to 20 minutes before showing or having a bath, eating or drinking cold drinks. As long as your skin doesn’t feel itchy then do not worry if your skin is reddish. This reaction is due to the constant temperature it has been exposed to and will disappear after a couple of hours. You can find this instruction in Velform sauna belt.

Why I don’t sweat when using the Sauna Belt?

Please increase the temperature again to maximum heat if you are still not sweating. Besides, you are also suggesting for wearing a T-shirt for the sauna effect, likewise other type of sauna belts like infrared sauna belt, you can using it by without putting up a shirt. Please note that it will cause skin redness if you strap the Sauna Belt directly onto your skin for more than 50 minutes. But please do not worried on this condition as long as it wouldn’t caused you feel uncomfortable.

You are suggested to use sauna slimming belt by standing instead of seating on your couch or chair to burn more calories. Some people don't sweat profusely due to their body composition, but it definitely will reduce calories. Anyhow, it takes time to see the results.

Special Condition while using sauna belts

We strongly advise you to use the Sauna Belt over a T-shirt If you have sensitive skin. This is due to the reasons of its heat might turn risk on your skin and create problems like skin irritations. We also strongly recommend that you immediately stop using the Sauna Belt if any skin irritations or burns occur on your body and immediately consult doctor for treatment. You are advised to use the Sauna Belt only for the specified time range of less than 45 minutes. Rest your skin from the heat of the Sauna Belt after this period. Please remember that the maximum heat of the Sauna Belt is 70 Degrees Celsius.

Lastly, for making sure you will get your desire weight loss results, we recommend you practice sauna belts with diet and exercise. One of the best example is Velform sauna belt, they provide freebies like diet plan and measuring tape to assist you for achieving your desired goal.

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Critical Review on Velform Sauna Belt

Introduction for Velform Sauna Belt

The Velform Sauna Belt is a weight reduction product that endeavors to “sweat” away unwanted fat. This product is manufactured by Velform and is stated to be suitable for both women and men. The Velform Sauna Belt includes a flexible belt with a fastening system, a multi-level remote control, an instructional guide, a free tape measure and a diet plan. This belt sells via the official website for $79.95. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials presented on the website for the Velform Sauna Belt. More troubling for our readers, the official website does state that this product is “not for sale in the USA.”

Velform Sauna Belt set heat as their primary component. This vibrating sauna slimming belt can be strapped around waist, buttocks, hips, arms or any part of the body. However the “sauna heat” produced from the Velform Sauna Belt will helps to remove cellulite, reduce weight, detoxification, ease muscle pain etc. Velform sauna belts also have been recognized as “portable sauna,” which convenient to use at anytime and at everywhere that you desired.
Main Features for Velform Sauna Belt
  • Same like other weight loss training tools like slimming pants, sauna belts are considered one of the most exclusive weight loss tools for both man and women
  • Helps in get rid of cellulite, ease muscle aches and reduce body fat and toxin from body.
  • Vibrating effect source from electricity power perform its functions for weight loss and massaging effect.
  • The belt not only can be place around waist area, it also can be placing other body area like buttocks, thighs and arms.
  • Velform sauna belt sells online through the website for $79.95. At the moment it doesn’t offered in US.
  • It can be easily got through online, although it is not available in the USA. Plus, you will get seasonal promotional terms like free for delivery charges.
  • Velform Sauna Belt is unisex; it can be use for both woman and man.
  • Velform sauna belts offer freebies for every purchase. You will get a complete diet plan and measuring tape for tracking your weight loss success.
  • Velform sauna belt established for years, it has been recognized as the trust able name in slimming belt industry.
  • Unless other type of sauna belt like infrared sauna belt or sauna slimming belt, Velform sauna belt is much more simple but more applicable
Discretion on Velform Sauna Belt
  • No certified clinical data presented on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of the Velform Sauna Belt.
  • The belt does not offered in US
  • Limited channel to purchase this product, you can only get it through online.
  • Less customer testimonials are presented on the website for the Velform Sauna Belt.
  • The Velform Sauna Belt does not incorporate the use of any fat burners.
  • There is no 100% money-back guarantee offered by this belt

As a result, Velform Sauna Belt functioning as “portable sauna” more than just weight loss training tools. Unlike other sauna belt like infrared sauna belt or ab sauna slimming belt, Velform sauna belts always are the trust able name in the mind of consumer. As long as you abide to the instruction given by the belt, sooner or later, it will help you for achieving your desired weight.

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Main Features for Sauna Belt

Sauna belt is an international hit weight loss training product that essentially helps you sweat away the fat from specific part of body. Besides, it also helps in relieve back pain and relieve tension and stress. By producing a therapeutic heat on your most problematic body parts the sauna belts will help you shed fat and relieve pain in a 100% natural way both eliminating toxins and stress.

Many sauna belt like Velform sauna belt is a good way to shed inches from your waist, hips, back or thighs with precision and little effort. Plus, the sauna belts is portable so you can take it with you anywhere and whenever. You may even relax in the comfort of your own home by wearing this sauna slimming belt.

Features of the Sauna Belts:
  • High quality craftsmanship and materials
  • Auto shut-off after 50 minutes
  • UL approved – Guaranteed Safe
  • Self-Limiting Temperature Control Gauge
  • Each Sauna Belt is inspected and approved by the factory
Almost every Sauna Belt will come along with the additional item as below:
  • Outer sleeve for heat dissipation
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Flexible Sauna Belt
  • Adjustable Heat Regulator
  • Seven-Day Diet Plan
  • Tape Measure
  • Infrared sauna belt setting

Velform Sauna Belt

Sauna belts has been used by many boxers, professional massage guru, body therapist, jockeys and bullfighters for years. One of the best sauna slimming belt which is Velform sauna belt offers many of the benefits of the traditional heat sauna, and it offers one big advantage which is you can enjoy sauna heat in the comfort of your own home. Plus, you can focus the sauna heat on specific body parts that need it most. This portable Sauna belts is great for the waist, back,hips and abdomen.

Please make sure you are in a comfortable position either lying down or standing up before placing Velform sauna belt on your skin, .However; do not use the velform sauna belt if you are lying on your stomach or sitting down, as this could cause problems in the device’s electrical circuit.

Velform sauna belt needs to use at room temperature and not to use air-conditioning to try and increase its effectiveness. In this way, your body will not feel the effects of sudden changes in temperature.

Please do not use any type of skin cream or similar product while using the Velform sauna slimming belt.

If possible, please make sure you drink hot beverages like milk, tea or coffee while using the Velform sauna belt is recommended and please bare in mind that cold drinks are pohibited when you starts using sauna belt. Do not use the Velform sauna belts immediately after meals; wait at least two hours after eating.

For best Results, you should use the Velform infrared sauna Belt for 50 minutes at a time.Do not exceed 50 minutes per session.the Velform sauna Belt will automatically turn off after 50minutes.Do not use the Velform sauna belt for periods of more than 45 consecutive days.If you want to carry on using the Velform sauna belt after 45 days,wait a week before using it.

There are few important Instructions for using velform sauna belts:
  • Strap the Velform Sauna Belt around the chosen body part (Abdomen,waistor hips)
  • The infrared sauna belt should completely surround your body without getting creased,doubled over a folded.Do not strap the Velform sauna belt on too tightly to achieve the sauna effect.
  • Make sure the temperature regulator is switched OFF
  • Plug the Velform sauna belts into the mains
  • Turn the dial on the temperature regulator to the maximum position so the device heats up quickly. Warning: After five Minutes, lower temperature to desired.
At the end of the session, towel off the sweat and wait 15 or 20 minutes before showering or having bath, eating or drinking cold Drinks.Do not worry if your skin is reddish :this reaction is due to the constant temperature it has been exposed to and will disappear after a couple of hours.

Once you hve finished your session take off the sauna belt and spread it out on a flat surface until it cools down.Than Clean it with damp Cloth and dry it .Store in a dry place.

Sauna Belt Benefits

Sauna belts used for improving health condition......sauna belt helps in improving back pain.....especially for elderly people....sauna belts can relieves tension and nerve system from body and strengthen your muscle's relaxations......

Sauna Belt Benefit

"Sauna belts used for weight loss.....the heat pad setting on the belt provide the heating power which helps in melt away fat.....similar to osmosis theory.....the belt trash out excessive water from body.....

A pitch of Sauna Belt.....

Sauna belt offered in variety package. If you does consider a weight loss belt, throw away other option, take a try on this weight loss tool. Sauna belt like Velform sauna belt are the best option.