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Sauna Belt – How to use it for desired effect?

What is sauna belt?
Sauna belt is a vibrating heating pad used by many professionals for weight loss training as well as tools for medical treatment. The belt can place around the chosen body part like waist, thigh, abdomen, hips and arms for the purpose of losing excessive fat and water from body. There are many types of sauna belt offered in the market, but mainly two most popular forms would be infrared sauna belt and sauna slimming belt. However there are also famous brand for sauna belt like Velform sauna belt and ab sauna belt.

Application of sauna belt

Sauna belt easy to use provided you adhering the instruction and guide given fully. However, sauna belts temperature is controlled between 34-75 degrees Celsius. Please make sure you set the maximum temperature for the first few minutes, and then set it to your desired temperature. Normally, people tend to set 40 degree Celsius which a little higher than room temperature. Make sure the temperature regular is switched off.

As I mentioned earlier, sauna belt should completely surround selected body part without getting creased, doubles over or folded. The specific part referring to waist area, thigh, buttocks, back abdomens and arms. Avoid for strapping the belt on too tight for acquiring the sauna effect.

For the ease of the users, please follow the below few “easy-to-follow” step by step guide for using sauna belt.

1. You must plug the sauna belts into the main power outlet. Avoid plugging the belts by using wire extension. If you need to use the power plug extension, then please assure the plug is away from water source.

2. Turn the remote dial to the maximum temperature position as for the devices heats up quickly. When this sauna slimming belt turns into heat after few minutes, then you should adjust the heat remote controller to your desired temperatures.

3. Place sauna belt on your body now, normally people tend to use it on waist first. When you feel the part that you place the belt hot, means calories is starts burning over there. Normally, idea time spent for each part would be about 8-10 minutes. You are not encouraged to wear sauna belts too long at the same place. It is because of it caused skin problems if sauna belt staying too long at one area.

4. At the end of the session, towel off the sweat and wait 15 to 20 minutes before showing or having a bath, eating or drinking cold drinks. As long as your skin doesn’t feel itchy then do not worry if your skin is reddish. This reaction is due to the constant temperature it has been exposed to and will disappear after a couple of hours. You can find this instruction in Velform sauna belt.

Why I don’t sweat when using the Sauna Belt?

Please increase the temperature again to maximum heat if you are still not sweating. Besides, you are also suggesting for wearing a T-shirt for the sauna effect, likewise other type of sauna belts like infrared sauna belt, you can using it by without putting up a shirt. Please note that it will cause skin redness if you strap the Sauna Belt directly onto your skin for more than 50 minutes. But please do not worried on this condition as long as it wouldn’t caused you feel uncomfortable.

You are suggested to use sauna slimming belt by standing instead of seating on your couch or chair to burn more calories. Some people don't sweat profusely due to their body composition, but it definitely will reduce calories. Anyhow, it takes time to see the results.

Special Condition while using sauna belts

We strongly advise you to use the Sauna Belt over a T-shirt If you have sensitive skin. This is due to the reasons of its heat might turn risk on your skin and create problems like skin irritations. We also strongly recommend that you immediately stop using the Sauna Belt if any skin irritations or burns occur on your body and immediately consult doctor for treatment. You are advised to use the Sauna Belt only for the specified time range of less than 45 minutes. Rest your skin from the heat of the Sauna Belt after this period. Please remember that the maximum heat of the Sauna Belt is 70 Degrees Celsius.

Lastly, for making sure you will get your desire weight loss results, we recommend you practice sauna belts with diet and exercise. One of the best example is Velform sauna belt, they provide freebies like diet plan and measuring tape to assist you for achieving your desired goal.

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Sauna Belt Benefit

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